Monday, August 17, 2009

Brand review: GAP Born to Fit Party

On Friday I had the pleasure of attending Tara's GAP Born to Fit party and man was it a party. It was so fun to meet some of Tara's friends, try on tons of jeans, eat some tasty snacks, some delicious sangria and have an all around grand time thanks to Brand About Town.

Tara was quite the hostess and you must check out her post/video of the night, it's amazing. She always cracks me up and she was loving her new jeans. I on the other hand tried on about ten different pairs of jeans before picking out some to own, the Real Straight jeans. The Always Skinny were a little too skinny for me and the Boot Cut was a little too flared, so the Real Straight was definitely a winner and definitely long enough which is good since I'm so dang tall (5'9").

it was quite the jeans display, like wo

the GAP party girls with our new jeans, woo

Basically there were tons of options and it was lots of fun. I love my new jeans and can't wait to rock them soon. Thank you GAP and thank you Tara for a fabulous time :)

loving them.


Allison M. said...

I like the real straight jeans on myself as well. The skinny was suctioning around my over large calves.

Cafe Pasadena said...

Don't stress over missing blogging some days. Stress quality 1st, quantity 2nd.

Jen said...

They look great!