Sunday, August 23, 2009

Brand Review: GAP Born to Fit Party

So remember how I went to Tara's GAP Born to Fit party a while ago? Yeah well I was fortunate enough to get invited back, this time hosted by the fabulous Kerri and Nicole! I sort of love jeans (especially when they're free, haha) but I love hanging out with the LA blogger ladies just a wee bit more. So this time I ended up not getting any jeans for myself but being a fabulous fiance and getting Matt and brand spanking new pair. Basically it was quite fun to have some snacks, hang with the ladies, introduce my sister to the blogging world and meet some new people. Gotta say these GAP parties are great and there should probably be one every weekend.

umm LOVE this girl.

Yeah she's fabulous.

Love Kerri too, and her schnazzy new jeans.

Nicole and Andrea showing off their new jeans.

All the bloggers, woo!
Andrea, Amanda, Nicole, Ev'Yan, Kerri, me
and Michelle.

My sister helping me find some jeans
for Matt, haha.

All in all it was a great time and a fun change up for the regular Sunday night activities. Thanks again Kerri, Nicole and Brand About Town, twas loverly.

Oh so what jeans did I get Matt? I ended up getting him the Standard jeans, I thought they were a pretty good fit for him, not too straight legged and not too too baggy or anything. And I must say, he looks quite dashing in them :)

Oh I am a fan.

Clearly Matt is too.


doniree said...

I love that pic of all you LA lady-bloggers. LOVE. :) I wish we had one of these parties in Minneapolis!

Jamie Lovely said...

It's like all my favorites in one post. Love you guys!

michellewoo said...

That was a quick little meetup, but really fun! Great to see you, girl! So lucky for getting to go twice!

nicoleantoinette said...

Here's the thing: every single time I see you, I love you more and more.

AshleyD said...

So fun! I love all the pictures!