Thursday, February 3, 2011

Book Review: Little Princes

So apparently I have a review blog. Where I review things. Clearly.

I mean I know it's been awhile but I sort of want to get back into it and at least chat a little bit about the things I've been reading and seeing and eating. So here we go.

My first review back is for a book that sounded interesting, was sent to me, I read it, and turned out it was quite interesting (amazing I know).

Little Princes by Conor Grennan follows his journey from a mere volunteer in Nepal to actually creating a home for orphaned children and reuniting them with their families. Amazing right? Almost makes you feel like you need to do something big too? Yes.

Anyhoo, a more legit description of the book goes something like this:
Conor was initially reluctant to volunteer, unsure whether he had the proper skill, or enough passion, to get involved in a developing country in the middle of a civil war. But he was soon overcome by the herd of rambunctious, resilient children who would challenge and reward him in a way that he had never imagined. When Conor learned the unthinkable truth about their situation, he was stunned: The children were not orphans at all. Child traffickers were promising families in remote villages to protect their children from the civil war—for a huge fee—by taking them to safety.

For Conor, what began as a footloose adventure becomes a commitment to reunite the children he had grown to love with their families, but this would be no small task. He would risk his life on a journey through the legendary mountains of Nepal, facing the dangers of a bloody civil war and a debilitating injury.
Like I said: Amazing.

When I was sent this description I wasn't exactly sure what I was getting myself into. The last book I read that was somewhat similar hadn't exactly captivated my attention the whole time, so I was a little skeptical. However, I found myself unable to put this book down at all. I wanted to know more about Little Princes home and life in Nepal and the food Conor was eating and the kids stories (ohmygosh I am a sucker for adorable kids) and yes, I wanted to know it all. So I kept reading and I kept telling Matt about it and I stayed fascinated and I laughed (I mean who would have thought a book about Nepali orphans could actually be humorous?). And I finished the book and I loved it.

Anyhoo, the point here is that Little Princes should be added to your reading list right this second.

Check out Conor's blog or Facebook page for more info on his Nepali endeavors.

I was sent this book from Harper Collins free of charge. And nope, they didn't ask me to write about it but I did and I lurved it.