Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Game Review: Personal Trainer: Walking

Oh yes I know it's been a while since I've reviewed anything but man I've been busy!!

Anyhoo moving on.

A couple weeks ago I received a new game for my Nintendo DS from Brand About Town, Personal Trainer: Walking. And it's pretty cool I must say.

Basically I carry around a digital pedometer with me all the time (well most of the time, I've been slacking a bit lately and not wearing stuff with pockets, but that's besides the point) and then I connect it to my DS and it uploads all my walking stats for the day.

So far I only hit my walking goals when I go walking with my mom at the Rose Bowl, otherwise I'm not doing a whole lot of walking in my every day at work (which I could have pointed out without the game, haha). However it does break it down to how many steps I'm taking, when I'm most active, when I'm inactive the longest and other fun stats. Clearly it's hard to be active when you're at a desk all day but this game is sort of helping to motivate me to walk around the office or down the block just a bit more frequently.

So if you want a fun way to monitor your walking habits I highly recommend checking this game out!