Thursday, August 20, 2009

Food Review: Ben and Jerry's Flipped Out

So remember when 20 Something Bloggers teamed up with Ben and Jerry's for some flipped out Carnival action? Well anyone that submitted to the carnival was eligible to get a free sample of the Ben and Jerry's newest creation, Flipped Out, and I was just lucky enough to get one!

So last night I finally decided to try the delectable creation. (diet, what diet? bridesmaid dress, what bridesmaid dress?). And man was it delicious. Matt and I got the cookies and cream flipped out and it was so tasty. A little weird at first with the actually flipping process, but pretty entertaining. And man was it chocolatey. Seriously, if you don't like chocolate you may not be a fan because it was a bit overwhelming (not that I'd complain, I freaking love chocolate).

But all in all it was definitely delicious and the perfect size for dessert. I think next time I'll try the vanilla fudge brownie, it just sounds divine.

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*~Dani~* said...

thanks for the review! i recently won a coupon from a blogger and once I get it, I am heading to the store!