Thursday, July 30, 2009

Movie Review: Fast and Furious

Last night Matt and I watched Fast and Furious.

I can't really give a review about it because I was so lost and asking questions the whole time about what was going on, haha. Seriously I only half know what the plot was and that's even a stretch. I do know that the driving stunts were still pretty awesome, the acting was pretty horrible and Paul Walker still looks mighty fine...

And that's all that really matters right? :)

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Ev`Yan said...

Jonathan & I watched The Fast & The Furious (the first one, obviously) a few nights ago. Back in the day, I LOVED this movie... & swore up & down that I was going to marry Vin Diesel. Anyway, watching that movie again for the first time in years made me wonder if the most recent one is good, too. Maybe I should give it a try...?