Sunday, June 7, 2009

Show Review: KA

And the first review is here kids and it's a good one.

While I was in Las Vegas this past weekend I had the awesome pleasure of seeing the Cirque Du Soleil show KA. And oh man was it amazing. Seriously, I love Cirque shows, LOVE them (ba dum ching!). I've seen three (or four, I really cannot remember) other shows before but none of them in Vegas and man was it a different experience.

First of all, this was the first Cirque show since I turned 21 so having a drink at the show was awesome. I had a delicious pina colada and Matt had some fantastic specialty KA drink, Archer's Arrow, that was mmmmtasty. Second of all, like I said this was the first show I had ever seen in Vegas so the stage setup was just astounding and I loved that each seat had speakers built in as well, just intensified the whole experience. And third, our seats were fantastic! Seriously, center section in the middle, amazing.

great seats!

And now on to the show itself. According to Wiki and the site description, KA is one of the only Cirque shows to have a definite plot. KA is about conflict and love as it follows the journey of the imperial twins and their ultimate encounter with KA, the fire that that has power to destroy or illuminate.

Not only did this show have a plot, it also involved a lot of martial arts and less acrobatics compared to other Cirque shows which I both liked and didn't like. I'm more of a fan of the acrobatics and stunts but the fighting and skills of everyone in the show was just as awe worthy.

I would run down the whole show for you but that could take all day, so I'll just hit on a few parts of the act that I loved. As silly and non-acrobatic of performing as it was, I loved a scene that was all about shadow puppets. The scene is with the twin boy and his caretaker and they made some of the most intricate and amazing shadow puppets, I loved it.

the bird show

Another scene that I loved was the slave cage. This huge contraption appeared on the stage that spun around and guys were in it and doing tricks and jumping off the top and jump roping and I'm pretty sure my heart stopped at least four times from being so nervous! Seriously, the stunts were phenomenal! I couldn't believe how risky and crazy and awesome it was.

so awesome.

Lastly, I looooved the final fight scene. Basically the stage was almost vertical and people were running up and down it and jumping and fighting and it was almost too much but it was amazing to watch. And after the final fight fireworks went off and lights were going, it was like I was in a rage or something, haha.

All in all it was a great show and I'm so glad I was able to see it. Cirque du Soleil has yet to disappoint me and I hope they never do!


Lauren said...

True story - a friend of mine is a rigger for this show. (We circus people have connections!) I'm So envious you got to see it! I have yet to. I really, really, really want to go now!

Anonymous said...

i would have loved to have seen this! i've only seen cirque's wintuk, which was umwowamazing. i definitely will have to save up for another one of their shows!