Saturday, April 17, 2010

Food Review: The Grilled Cheese Truck

Last Thursday I heard that the Grilled Cheese Truck was going to be in Pasadena, so naturally I had to go. And I didn't go alone, I dragged Matt and my neighbor Erica along with me. Basically we got there 20 minutes prior to the opening hours and we waited a full hour until we were served, but my cheese loving heart thinks it was totally worth it.

Matt and I both ordered the Cheesy Mac and Rib which is just as delicious as it sounds and was very much my favorite. It had macaroni and cheese with BBQ pork and grilled onions, aka amazingness. We also order the havartichoke special of the night which was grilled chicken, havarti cheese and an artichoke spread. Pretty much it was delicious and I will definitely have to track that truck down again. Yummmmm.

mmmm what a cheesy dinner.

the fully loaded heavenly sandwich.

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Iva said...

YUMMMY! Happy Friday! Have a great sunny weekend!

Oxana said...

Whoa!! Yummy! Wow it is so yummy!! HMm grilled cheese.. I love it!

Nicole Leigh said...

I really want to try the grilled cheese truck!! I'm following them on twitter but they are never close to me!