Thursday, January 28, 2010

Movie Review: Sex and Death 101

Seriously Netflix has opened up a whole new world of movie watching for us. Random movies that I had never even heard of being suggested to me and voila we can watch it when we have the time. And since I've been on such a Simon Baker kick lately I decided to check out one of his movies, Sex and Death 101.

How do I sum up such a strange movie? Well Simon Baker's character, Roderick Blank, receives an anonymously sent email listing off all of the women he's ever had sex with and will eventually have sex with, which leads him to question his pending marriage and thus leads to him becoming quite the ladies man. While all of this is going on there is a femme fatal on the loose, Death Nell, putting womanizing men into comas and leaving bizarre messages on their walls.

Pretty much this movie had a whole lot of naked people, cursing, sex scenes, Simon Baker, more naked people, a couple funny sidekicks, a magical computer and some more sexual innuendos. That's about it really. It was funny in parts, I'll give it that but I don't know that I'll add it to our instant queue again any time soon, it was just so weird sometimes.

However, it wouldn't be all that horrible to watch Simon Baker in action for two hours again, haha.

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