Thursday, March 4, 2010

Book Review: Water for Elephants

Yes I realize it's been a while since I've done a book review and boy have I been doing some reading, but this book definitely warrants a review because it was just so good.

I don't even remember who recommended this book to me or what reading list I saw it on, but I am so glad I picked it up at the library. The book revolves around an elderly man, Jacob, as he looks back on his time where he unconventionally and unintentionally worked with a traveling circus.

I know that's a pretty vague description but you don't really want to know more before getting into this book because there are so many twists and turns along the way it was so entertaining not knowing what to expect. I also appreciated the book went back and forth between Jacob as an old man and back to his youthful days multiple times, like two coinciding stories almost.

However I will say, be prepared to be a little shocked, maybe shed a tear or too and sometimes feel a little risque reading it. But all around I absolutely loved this story and I didn't want it to end. So go pick yourself up a copy right this second!

And made reading this book even better? Water for Elephants is currently in the process of coming to the big screen. And who will be playing Jacob? None other than Mr. Rob Pattinson himself. I can't say that he's a perfect fit or anything but I definitely won't object to seeing him on the big screen again especially in a story that I love.


Anonymous said...

RPattz is a perfect choice for Jacob. I read this book maybe two years ago (?) for a book club and couldn't put it down. Read it in less than four hours, I think. So good. So, so good. Curious as to what the movie looks like!

ashlina said...

have been wanting to read this forever!!!!! thanks for the review...

Grace said...

I love this book. It's one of my favorites. Glad you enjoyed it.

passport in my pocket said...

I adored this book with all my heart.

did you know she wrote most of it on her laptop, sitting in the bedroom closet? she has young, rowdy boys :)

Anonymous said...

I loved how full circle this book was. I was totally tearing up by the end.

And while I agree that Rob may not be the obvious choice, I get the casting decision. But what I'm truly excited about is Christoph Waltz as August!